How much does a website cost?

Below is in an article written by  a leading web design agency based in Marina Del Rey, CA. These numbers do not reflect the costs of having Jetmedia NC design a website for you. However, it does cover a lot of what goes into a design and what the market value is for a professional web presence from a leading agency.

Business owners are obviously confused by the wide difference in cost estimates provided by web development agencies, ranging widely from as little as $4,000 to over $100,000. For 2016, we are going to take a more interactive approach to help answer the website cost riddle.

In ALL our estimates below we assume the following:

Estimates are based on our hourly rate.
Estimates include planning, design, programming, marketing setup and launch.
All new websites will be mobile/tablet-responsive.
All our websites are built in a CMS framework to empower non-technical staff to edit most content themselves.
Clients will provide all text content (body copy, product/ team images).
In order to better help you figure out your options and potential costs, we need to identify who you are and what you need. Please click on the description below that best describes your situation and we’ll jump you down the page for more personalized advice.

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Top 5 Marketing Trends For 2017

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Visibility is one aspect of marketing that won’t change—regardless of the year. Marketing before and after a digital transformation revolves around how customers see your business. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do have some informed ideas about what to expect from marketing trends in 2017.

Focus is crucial—and that can be a challenge. The bigger the business, the more diverse the customer base. While data is making it easier to target consumers, it’s a massive undertaking to discern valuable information from the volume of data available. How do you stay focused, create conversations, and increase conversions? It’s a big question, but paying attention to what’s on the horizon can offer insights. Here are 10 trends that I predict for 2017.

1. Increased focus on customer experience. Customer experience is the heart of marketing for every industry. While it has always been a marketing focus, today’s businesses—at least the successful ones—have embraced customer-centric philosophies to create effective marketing strategies and positive digital transformations.

2. Engaged and effective measuring: analytics 2.0. Talk of measuring marketing has been on an endless loop lately. With confessions from Facebook and others about how their data doesn’t tell a complete story, what we do have is less than stellar. Now—and in the upcoming year—measurement will be done with purpose. Expect business objectives to tie back to profit, revenue, customer retention, and satisfaction.

3. Lean on the new marketing lieutenants: marketing technologists and data scientists. To make the first two trends on our list work, executives must be data-driven. As companies aim to connect email, social media, and paid, owned, and earned marketing strategies (among others), they must incorporate technology needed to implement and support it. Expect Chief Marketing Technologists to lead this initiative—studies show that four out of five enterprises do this already.

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Triad Carpentry website is Live!

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New website for our friends over at Triad Carpentry. Located in Raleigh,NC, Triad Carpentry strives to maintain remarkable customer service and attention to detail. They are available for all your residential carpentry needs. They have a wide range of services from decks, roofing, framing, trim work to custom made wood furniture. You can contact them through their website or Facebook page.

8 Easy Ways to Use Social Media to Market Your Small Business

8 Easy Ways to Use Social Media to Market Your Small Business

If you are not marketing your business on the major social media networks by now then you might as well get back into your 1980s camaro, pull out your Walkman and turn up some Aerosmith because you’re “livin on a prayer”.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started. Here are some starting points for you. Full article below.